Our English and Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival resources 2021

This post will document the books that I purchased to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival this year and the links to where you could purchase Mid-Autumn Festival books in Singapore. I have also included a DIY book which your child can add illustrations to, if you don’t manage to buy books in time this year!


  • Under a Canopy (here)



Peppa and the Moon Festival


read by Luka

Link to purchase:

  • SgChinesebooks (here)
  • My Story Treasure (here)

Mooncakes By Loretta Seto

Lahlahbanana has a list of all the wonderful bookstores that we have in Singapore. This is where I got the list from: Do check out her blog here

Below are other Mid-Autumn Festival books that I didn’t purchase this year, but would be a great addition to anyone’s home!

Under the Moonlight (here)

Yuyi Bookstore (here)

My Story Treasury (here) 】

De ziremi (here)

Books4tots (here)

Luka (here)

Koko and Otto (here)

If is too late to order your books this year, you can print my DIY bilingual Mid-Autumn Festival book for your child to illustrate! The English and Chinese are adapted from Twinkl.

Here are some benefits regarding this “Read, visualise and draw” activity, and other ways you can encourage your child to visualise at home:

Finally, here are the lanterns that we made:

I was quite prepared this year and bought these DIY lanterns months before Mid-Autumn Festival.

You can find similar ones here from Shopee (here) (here).

You can simply replace the paper provided with a hand-drawn artwork from your child.

I have also traced my wooden ones so you can print them out and trace them on cardboards:

Finally, we had a mini Mid-autumn festival party with friends, on the weekend and made rainbow mooncakes that @lahlahbanana posted about! The YouTube tutorial is here, and the recipe can be downloaded below.

(The beautiful tin boxes with mooncakes are from Changhosek (here)

Wishing everyone 中秋节快乐!

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