Seasonal Literacy Activities


Kindergarten & G1 teachers’ favourite Halloween stories

Updated: 2012 Now that my boys are older, I’ve been able to not only read, but also write with them! This year is the first year when we started writing Halloween stories! As always, I prepared story writing papers, and left them in our WRITING CENTER. I’m sharing the paper templates here: These 3 elements…



Valentine’s Day

Chinese New Year

Creating Family Traditions through Chinese New Year reading and writing activities

I recently read an article on “The Benefits of Family Traditions” (here) and it defines traditions as activities from “small repeated gestures” to extensive celebrations that a family does ritualistically, but often began unintentionally, and then carried on as activities everyone enjoys doing year after year. In my own family, I can see that what…

Origami Chinese Zodiac + Literacy

(I have a separate post on other Chinese New Year literacy related activities here) After making an origami advent calendar as a new Christmas tradition (post here ), I thought an origami Chinese zodiac wreathe could turn into a meaningful (literacy-centered) activity. We are a family of mixed cultural backgrounds after all, and I tend…

Learning about the Lion Dance in English and Chinese

This year, with the pandemic going on, it is unlikely that we will get to watch the Lion Dance in Singapore. This is something that my children really look forward to because it is lively, it is loud and it is full of actions! I am thankful for so many language and Chinese culture support…

Using 5-senses to encourage your child to write descriptively

Many parents ask, “Ms. Claudia, I want my son to write about his birthday party but he has nothing to write about!” Some other issues among parents who are trying to encourage their child to write descriptively at home include: If your child simply doesn’t want to write, you can refer to my other post…


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