Hungry for More (recipes)

I wouldn’t declare myself an especially talented cook, but I certainly can follow recipes very well, and love cooking for others. I also know how to select recipes that work for my big family! I choose my recipes mainly based on whether I can pre-cook the meals well before dinner time. Any dishes that are slow-cooked over the stove, baked in the oven, stewed in a pot, toasted in the Air Fryer work well with my busy schedule! I just need to heat it up and serve!

My meal planning sheet is here in English and Chinese (Simplified/Traditional):

Listed in each category below are some of dishes I have cooked many many times at home… all trialed and tested for a family with 5 boys!

Western / European (here)

Chinese (here)

Japanese / Korean (here)

Other Asian recipes (here)

Dessert (here)