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This is a place where you will find my memorable lessons as an educator, teachable moments with my children at home, and my journey as a lifelong learner.

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I feel blessed to be able read, speak and write Chinese, Japanese and English, and am able to create a lot of resources to support language learning and English literacy. I hope my blog will be able to support you and your child’s literacy journey in whichever language that you have decided to focus on.

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Chinese Learning

English Literacy:

A mother’s takeaways from- “Teach your child to read it in 100 Easy Lesson”

When I started teaching Kai how to read, I taught him all the letter and sounds simply by using the Starfall app (here).  I did not intentionally teach phonics. There were no desks, no papers, and no instructions.  But what ‘phonics instruction’ looks like to a 2-3 year old is very different from what youContinue reading “A mother’s takeaways from- “Teach your child to read it in 100 Easy Lesson””

Origami Advent calendar (10-day countdown)to promote writing

There are so many different kinds and styles of Advent calendars on the market, from classic ones offering one chocolate a day to calendars that feature Lego figures to keep your child entertained throughout the Christmas holiday. If you don’t believe me, here is a link to some eye-opening Advent calendars in 2020 (here). InsteadContinue reading “Origami Advent calendar (10-day countdown)to promote writing”

Teaching my child to read using traditional VS technology-based resources

Long before Kai and Kei were born,  my husband and I knew that we play an important role in fostering a love of reading and writing in our children.  Teaching literacy also happens be our passion, and we longed to share my passion with my kids.  My goal is not to ensure they learn toContinue reading “Teaching my child to read using traditional VS technology-based resources”