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On this page, you will discover the valuable insights I’ve gained as an educator, the enlightening experiences I’ve had as a parent teaching my children, and my ongoing pursuit of learning as a lifelong student.

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I am fortunate to possess the skills of reading, speaking, and writing in Chinese, Japanese, and English, which have enabled me to create a wealth of resources that aid in language acquisition and English literacy. It is my hope that through my blog, I can offer assistance in your and your child’s literacy journey, regardless of the language you choose to concentrate on.

What we need to know about children’s stages of writing development

Many parents ask me: When does a child start writing?  It is difficult to answer this question since writing could be anything from “meaningful scribbles,” “letter formation” to “spelling accurately.”  Children as young as 2 years old begin making marks on paper to show their thoughts and ideas.  Children go through stages of writing development when…

10 ways to use sticky notes to support literacy at home

I use a lot of sticky-notes in the classroom! I use them for assessments, I use them for Reading Groups, and I use them during Writer’s Workshops. It’s no surprise that I’ve found ways to incorporate them at home when working with Kai and Kei. I use them so much that I keep a stash…

Maximizing 洪恩识字 to learn Chinese (7 tips and printables)

**iHuman has kindly reached out and offered a discounted bundle for my followers (here) on the apps and add-ons: 识字永久+识字子集永久+成语永久+拼音永久 Technology can be useful to support learning so I am not entirely opposed to apps as long as children use technology with the right intentions. I started looking into Chinese learning apps after Kai finished…

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