English Phonics (Age 3-5)

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I have launched a course on the Science of Reading to help parents understand how a child learns to read. If you are interested, please check out this page (HERE)

A mother’s takeaways from- “Teach your child to read it in 100 Easy Lesson”

When I started teaching Kai how to read, I taught him all the letter and sounds simply by using the Starfall app (here).  I did not intentionally teach phonics. There were no desks, no papers, and no instructions.  But what ‘phonics instruction’ looks like to a 2-3 year old is very different from what you…

How I teach Word Families at home

I did a lot of Word Family practice with Kai between the age of 4-4.5 years old. Since I don’t use worksheets with him, I incorporated many hands-on activities actives to help Kai recognize that words can be simplified into chunks, and by learning different chunks, he can actually read many words with the same…

Teaching my child to read using traditional VS technology-based resources

Long before Kai and Kei were born,  my husband and I knew that we play an important role in fostering a love of reading and writing in our children.  Teaching literacy also happens be our passion, and we longed to share my passion with my kids.  My goal is not to ensure they learn to…

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