Kindergarten & G1 teachers’ favourite Halloween stories

Updated: 2012

Now that my boys are older, I’ve been able to not only read, but also write with them! This year is the first year when we started writing Halloween stories! As always, I prepared story writing papers, and left them in our WRITING CENTER. I’m sharing the paper templates here:

These 3 elements are important in a scary story:

If your child is not quite ready to write yet, here are some really fun drawing activities you can do together with them!

Being part of a community of teachers has great perks, one main one being we can share our teaching ideas and resources. I am recently part of a Facebook group called “Kinder & 1st Grade Teaching ideas” and posted the following question: Any recommendations of must-read Halloween books?

(Scroll to the bottom for Simplified Chinese/ Traditional Chinese/ Japanese/English drawing prompts)

So below is a list of some teachers’ favourite Halloween stories with links to videos. You may watch the videos under each title and decide whether these books are some that you’d like to invest in to start your own family tradition for Halloween!


Little Blue Truck Halloween

Snowmen at Halloween

There was an old lady who swallowed a bat


Big Pumpkin


Little Boo

Pumpkin Soup

Creep Pair of Underwear

Pumpkin Circle

Goergie and the Robbers

Pumpkin Jack

The Biggest Pumpkin Ever


The Witch who was Afraid of Witches

Piggie Pie

Too Many Pumpkins

The Hallo-Winner

Go away big, green monster

The Scarecrow (Beth Ferry)

The Halloweiner 

Froggy’s Halloween

Spookly the Square Pumpkin

Big Pumpkin 

Too Many Pumpkins

Where’s my mummy

It’s Pumpkin Day Mouse

Trick or Treat little critter

Clifford’s Halloween

A Dark Dark Tale

Arthur Halloween


Below are some drawing prompts for Halloween in different languages.

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