Using iMovie split-screen feature to present two different view points

The Grade 4 students will be working on a discussion text for their next writing genre. As their ICT teacher, I wanted to incorporate some simple movie making techniques with this unit.

This iMovie project will encourage students to pay attention to the purpose and structure of the discussion text. Students will be asked to create an iMovie video on: Should YouTube be used in school?

When planning for this project, I thought what better way for students to present different viewpoints using iMovie’s split screen effect!

I started by writing a script:

YouTube script

Then, I worked on the video using iMovie.  Here is what the final project should look like (although students are creating a simpler version of this)

To get the class started, I showed them a sample video on a different topic:

Should students be encouraged to read e-books at school?

As you can see, I’ve SIMPLIFIED the process in the second video.  The steps for the iMovie are actually not that complicated, as long as students write their script, and follow step-by-step instructions.  Below are the resources that I created, as well as a tutorial video.


Script Template

Here is my step-by-step tutorial video:

Finally, incorporating the movie-making process into the writing unit helps writers engage or bring out creativity beyond traditional literacy.  Encouraging students to write a simple script and asking them to elaborate on their ideas while recording their movie will add another important dimension to their learning.

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