Maximizing 洪恩识字 to learn Chinese (7 tips and printables)

**iHuman has kindly reached out and offered a discounted bundle for my followers (here) on the apps and add-ons: 识字永久+识字子集永久+成语永久+拼音永久 Technology can be useful to support learning so I am not entirely opposed to apps as long as children use technology with the right intentions. I started looking into Chinese learning apps after Kai finishedContinue reading “Maximizing 洪恩识字 to learn Chinese (7 tips and printables)”

Apps to reinforce Chinese learning that kids enjoy

  There are many parents who are opposed to children using any kind of apps for entertainment or learning.  This is understandable considering there are many studies that have proven how ineffective and addicting iPad apps can be.  From an educator’s perspective, most apps place the child into a passive mode of learning- even the Continue reading “Apps to reinforce Chinese learning that kids enjoy”

My Selfie-Stick Project

The selfie stick is a fantastic tool for anyone who wants a photo of themselves without having to trouble others.  It’s especially important for Moms to use the selfie stick because …   After reading this blog I thought that a selfie stick would best capture what it is like to be a first time a snapshot ofContinue reading “My Selfie-Stick Project”

A teaching case for social media: what pen and paper can’t do

Recently, I came across an article (A Silicon Valley School That Doesn’t Compute) written by the New York Times which highlights one school in Silicon Valley where, instead of tablet devices and computers, “pens and paper, knitting needles and, occasionally, mud” are used. With technology being an indispensable part of our lives, and especially with schools trying to adopt 1:1 iPad or BYOD programs,Continue reading “A teaching case for social media: what pen and paper can’t do”