10 ways to use sticky notes to support literacy at home

I use a lot of sticky-notes in the classroom! I use them for assessments, I use them for Reading Groups, and I use them during Writer’s Workshops. It’s no surprise that I’ve found ways to incorporate them at home when working with Kai and Kei. I use them so much that I keep a stashContinue reading “10 ways to use sticky notes to support literacy at home”

My Selfie-Stick Project

The selfie stick is a fantastic tool for anyone who wants a photo of themselves without having to trouble others.  It’s especially important for Moms to use the selfie stick because …   After reading this blog http://www.boredpanda.com/selfiettes/ I thought that a selfie stick would best capture what it is like to be a first time Mom..giving a snapshot ofContinue reading “My Selfie-Stick Project”