Japanese / Korean dishes

I wouldn’t declare myself an especially talented cook, but I certainly can follow recipes very well, and love cooking for others. I also know how to select recipes that work for my big family! I choose my recipes mainly based on whether I can pre-cook the meals well before dinner time. Any dishes that are slow-cooked over the stove, baked in the oven, stewed in a pot, toasted in the Air Fryer work well with my busy schedule! I just need to heat it up and serve!

Nikujaga (here)

Okinawa Soba (here)

  • I did not have awamori and used sake instead
  • I used udon instead of Okinawa soba (which is harder)
  • This was a great recipe!

Japanese beef curry (here)

A phenomenal recipe! I used the store-bought Japanese curry and follow this recipe!

Braised Pork belly (here)

Chicken Meatball Soup (here)

This is by far the best recipe out there for chicken tsukune, even better than the recipes written in Japanese for Japanese!

Korean fried chicken (here)

Level of difficulty (medium)

Tsukemen (here)

Level of difficulty (easy) *** This tsukemen recipe is of soy sauce base

Japanese-inspired Scotch egg (here)

Level of difficulty (hard)

Level of difficulty (medium)

Bibimbap (here)

Salt and Sake Chicken wings (here)

Level of difficulty- Easy

Miso Cod (here)

Level of difficulty (easy)

Japanese Cabbage Roll (here)

Level of difficulty (medium)

Maze Udon (here)