My DIY resources for using 四五快读 (Book 4)

And I finally completed this huge project… all 400+ cards from the five books of 四五快读 .

Mneumonics is a very powerful technique that can help us remember a large amount of information. These cards, drawn to reflect the form and meaning of each character, have helped me teach my kids to read Chinese. I hope these will help other families as well.

Here is one way I use these cards to review:

This time, I have collaborated with these amazing Mommies to show the different ways that you can use the 四五快读 curriculum at home. Thank you for @mystorytreasury for bringing all of us together. The entire series can be purchased on the website HERE

Here are some of other mommies’ ideas! Do check out their accounts as well!

  • Melissa uses dotted stickers to help understand the construction of the Chinese character and as fill-in-the-blanks for sentences

  • Jermaine incorporates many familiar games to practice reading and identify Chinese characters

  • Joen uses 甲骨文 cards to help understand the Chinese characters

  • Phyllis shared her journey teaching her Chinese, using 四五快读 as a resource! A must read if you are looking for inspirations!

  • Vivian introduces a game called “Maasai Snap” that is very easy to play!

I hope all of these snapshots of other inspiring Mommies can support you on your journey as well!

Where to get the scanned cards?

I have scanned a copy of all my cards for Book 4 if anyone has reached that stage in 四五快读.

Please follow with me on Instagram @msclaudias_bento (here) and I will send you the PDF file of my scanned cards! I will share them on this platform eventually when I have time to transfer them into digital drawings.

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