MY DIY resources for using 四五快读 (Book 5)

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I taught both my boys Chinese characters, Japanese hiragana and katakana, and the English alphabet using the mnemonic method which I have wrote about extensively here. I continue applying this same method when using 四五快读 and created picture-cards for every unit.

We are currently finishing up Book 5 with my 5 year old. It has been a very rewarding experience using 四五快读 to teach Kai how to read. From Book 1 – Book 5, I have created about 500 picture-cards so far to support his learning. As Kei, my 3 year old is working on Book 1, I decided to remake all my cards so I can use them for him later on. And since I am remaking them, I might as well share them as well!

Here was a video I took when we reached Book 5!


I use 4×6 inches index card, fold it in half and cut it to create my cards.

I find this size works best as compared to other standard sizes index cards.

I use many ways to teach my kids the characters first before attempting the passages. Some ways are shown in the videos below:

I also find practicing with a whiteboard / mat labelled like the video below a straight-forward way to identify which words still need to be reviewed:

Here is a recent video of Kai reading his passage:

四五快读 picture cards

Where to get the scanned cards?

I have scanned a copy of all my cards for Book 5 if anyone has reached that stage in 四五快读. I will be updating the cards for the other books to be scanned as well.

Please follow with me on Instagram @msclaudias_bento (here) and I will send you the PDF file of my scanned cards! I will share them on this platform eventually when I have time to transfer them into digital drawings.

I would love to connect with you to see where your 四五快读 journey takes you! Below are other related posts:

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