B-I-N-G-O for Reading!

During the school year, I always try to encourage students to read daily in an enjoyable way. Right before a long holiday, I usually introduce something fun to keep the reading going! Book reports, reading response worksheets are NOT my style of teaching, but I have found that my students really enjoy doing “Reading Bingo”!

If you also find it difficult to motivate your child to read from a variety of books (or reading any books at all!), Reading Bingo may be something you want to try. There are many versions of Reading Bingo on the Internet, but I have yet to find one offered in different languages, and so I have created a Reading Bingo for younger kids in English, Traditional/Simplified Chinese:

*** Instead of filling up the whole BINGO sheet, you may also ask your child to complete one row, column or diagonal.

How to play Reading Bingo?

  1. Bring out a BINGO sheet.
  2. Go over each box with your child.
  3. Explain that to “win” your child must complete all the boxes.
  4. Have your child colour in the box as he/she reads the book that matches the descriptions
  5. When the entire grid has been filled they can call BINGO!

Why is Reading Bingo a good idea?

Some suggestions for rewards:

In a traditional BINGO game, you would receive something when you call “BINGO!” such as a cash prize. However, I don’t think it is particularly necessary to reward your child something. You may also explain that each book that they have read is a prize itself since they have learned something valuable from it!

However, if you want to add prize element, here are some suggestions:

  • Your child gets to buy a new book
  • Your child gets to create the next round of BINGO using the blank template
  • Your child gets to have a reading picnic outside
  • Your child gets to read in a special place

Would love to hear whether this Reading Bingo has helped you read different books with your child!

Published by Ms Claudia L. Kimura

Apple Distinguished Educator, Class of 2015 Primary school teacher, technology coordinator Not just a regular mom, but a teacher-mom Mom of 2 boys, stepmom of 3 boys

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