“Raining hearts” and making fortune cookies- Valentines Day books and activities

This year’s Chinese New Year falls on Valentine’s Day, and so it’s extra busy trying to keep up with Chinese New Year AND Valentine’s Day activities for the family and for the little kids.

This will be quick post on my favourite Valentine’s Day books. As a teacher, I have always had access to all these books in the library, but ever since I’ve taken a break from classroom teaching, I have yet to replenish the collection!

Below are books I have either used in the classroom and LOVE or are newly introduced to me. I wish I had purchased them for myself early this year:

Ages 2-5

The Day It Rained Hearts

Love Monster

Happy Valentine’s Day Mouse

We Love you, Mr Panda

Kindergarten and up

Happy Valentine’s Day Curious George

Frankin’s Valentines

The 12 Days of Valentine’s

I Forgot to Say I love You

As for Valentine’s Day activities, I did 1 simple one with Kai and Kei on “The Day it rained Hearts” that my friend posted on! I modified it by using recycled materials and had Kai fold origami hearts:

We also incorporated an easy writing activity, and you can do this in English and Chinese:

I also made Fortune Cookies with my kids and encouraged them to write “I love you” in Chinese, English and Japanese. This recipe is from Fortunecookiemom (here) who has other AMAZING resources for Chinese learning!

Here are some fun facts about Fortune Cookies:

Since fortune cookies involve a mystery note inside, it’s a fantastic way to incorporate literacy into its making! Here are some other ideas:

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