Learning about the Lion Dance in English and Chinese

This year, with the pandemic going on, it is unlikely that we will get to watch the Lion Dance in Singapore. This is something that my children really look forward to because it is lively, it is loud and it is full of actions! I am thankful for so many language and Chinese culture support groups that have inspired me to create my lion’s head for Kai and Kei so we can have some fun at home. The best part of this craft is I managed to create them using only recycled items and unused craft materials in my home: newspaper, bubble wrap, A4 paper box, scrap fabric, cotton balls. shredded packaging paper, etc.

The Lion’s Head was not challenging to make, but time-consuming, so I have uploaded a PDF file of the parts of the Lion that I have drawn. Anyone who is still thinking of doing a craft project can use the template as a guide, and personalise the lion’s head in their own ways!

In the evening after playing with the costumes, I took the opportunity to have Kai write about the Lion Dance: “This is a lion and the man is feeding him orange. Little Pony is scared.” I storyscribed for him in Chinese!

“This is a lion and the man is feeding him orange. Little Pony is scared”

I want to thank everyone in the “Cantonese Parents” Facebook Group for all their inspirations! The power of a community and support have really helped to motivate us to do a little extra for our kids this year.

I created a simple informational piece in English and Chinese on the lion dance so Kai and Kei can learn more about this tradition. This is something closer to their reading level although the Chinese would still be a bit difficult. For other families who cannot speak English or Chinese well, I have added QR codes with my own voice reading so you can simply scan, listen and learn. If you have a LUKA Hero or a Youdao pen they would also be able to read these aloud!

I cannot wait until we start practicing our Lion Dance! If you are on Instagram, tag me if you manage to make this festive craft!

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