Origami Advent calendar (10-day countdown)to promote writing

There are so many different kinds and styles of Advent calendars on the market, from classic ones offering one chocolate a day to calendars that feature Lego figures to keep your child entertained throughout the Christmas holiday. If you don’t believe me, here is a link to some eye-opening Advent calendars in 2020 (here). Instead of purchasing one, though, I decided to create an Advent Calendar that I have yet to find. No toys, stickers, or candies… but origami, which Kai always bugs me to learn! I folded two of the same origami and placed them in each day’s envelope. The best part about this Advent Calendar was all I needed was an Ikea MALA easel, envelopes, Washi tape, origami paper, scissors, glue, and markers. That’s it! I did not need to splurge on pricey calendars whose content would surely be lost before New Years’.

This blog will include the tutorial videos that I have used, as well as suggestions on how you can make use of the Advent Calendar’s surprise element to promote writing:

Here is a little information about Advent. I have also included the same passage in different reading levels, and reading comprehension questions JUST in case (here)

Here is what my Advent Calendar looks like. Instead of the whole month of December, I am only doing a 10 day countdown!

Counting down from December 16th, here are the 10 Christmas-themed origami that I’ve placed inside each envelope.

Day 10- Mittens

Level of Difficulty: Easy

Day 9- Candies

Level of Difficulty: Easy

Day 8- Star

Level of Difficulty: Medium

Day 7- Reindeer

Level of Difficulty: Medium

Day 6- Santa Boots

Level of Difficulty: Easy

Day 5- Snowman

Level of Difficulty: Medium

Day 4- Santa Hat

Level of Difficulty: Easy

Day 3- Penguin

Level of Difficulty: Easy

Day 2- Christmas Tree

Level of Difficulty: Easy

Day 1- Santa Clause

Level of Difficulty: Easy

Here is a video of how the Orgami calendar ended up being part of our Christmas holiday;

Some ideas for Writing Activites:

  • Write the name of the origami & discuss spelling pattern: mitten, candy, star, reindeer, boots, snowman, hat, penguin, tree, Santa
  • Use each of the vocabulary words in a sentence (Eg: We wear mittens when the weather is cold.)
  • Put together a Christmas scene using the origami like this one, and write a story about it:
  • Place story starters inside each calendar pocket and encourage your child to write! English story starters here

Finally, here is a really nice book that you can read or show to your child on ORIGAMI

Literacy can be incorporated during the holidays in a fun way!I hope this Advent Calendar would be a meaningful project for you and your children!

More-Gami By: Dori Kleber

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