Montessori 3-part Christmas-themed cards in Chinese, Japanese and English

I am not Montessori trained, and my children don’t go to Montessori schools, but once in a while when I come across Montessori learning materials or resources, I get inspired to create my own for my kids (-there aren’t many resources that are available in 3 different languages).

I have seen 3-part cards many times on blogs and on Instagram, but didn’t pay much attention to them until recently, when Kai is speaking a lot more Japanese, and I am excited to create learning materials at home that would help him connect all four languages that he is learning. 3Part Cards are ideal because they can be used to enrich language, develop vocabulary and build connections.

So as my first attempt, I created these Christmas themed 3-part cards in Japanese, Chinese (simplified and traditional) and English (links are at the end of the post)

What are Montessori-3 part cards?

Montessori 3 part cards are cards that consist of a control card (card with label), a picture card and a label card. tools that consist of

How to use Montessori 3-part cards?

Depending on your child’s age, you can use the 3-part cards in ways that are skill/level/language appropriate. For example, children who are only a year old can simply match picture to picture, while older children such as 4 and above and read the label and match it to a picture.

Below, I have put together 4 stages of learning you can consider when using these cards.

There are many Montessori blogs that extensively outline each stage, such as the one here from Montessori from the Heart (here). You can find this chart that shows different stages of using 3-part cards:

Where can I find your resources?

English Version (here)

Traditional Chinese (here)

Simplified Chinese (here)

Japanese (here)

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