From Hollywood right in your home: Creating Green Screen videos for your baby

Green Screen technology isn’t just for Hollywood stars.  My students loved creating green screen videos for their class projects.  In the past, we have made videos related to all sorts of topics studied class.

Here is an imaginary “Magic School Bus” video that brought my students on a whirlwind adventure to famous landmarks from around the world:

Because of my experience with green screen technology, I knew it’d be lots of fun creating these videos for my baby.  So the other day, I decided to try it out using the app Green Screen by Do Ink.  

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 9.09.29 pm

Here are the steps:

1. Pick a theme!  For this theme, I’m using the Japanese festival since I want Kai to be wearing the Japanese yukata.

2.  Choose a background picture / photo.  I just found this on Google Image Search.



3.  Prepare a big piece of green cloth or paper (any colours work too as long as the baby isn’t wearing the same colour as the background)

2.  Place your baby gently on top.  Or if you have a toddler or an older child, you might need to set up the colour paper on the wall.

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 8.54.37 AM.png

(Source:  This Mom created a party using green screen.  She has some pretty cool photos!)

3.  Start taking videos / photos until you are satisfied with your baby’s pose

For Kai’s video, I put the green paper on the floor since he cannot sit or stand yet.

Next, you will need to transfer those videos to your iPad.

4.  Open up the Do-Ink app

5.  Select the + button to create a new project1.png

There are three rows where you can add videos / images.

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 9.41.01 pm.png

6.  In the bottom row, insert your background photo by clng on the +  Select the photo from your Camera Roll

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 9.41.26 pm.png


7.  In the middle row, insert your video by clicking on the + again.  Select your video.

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 9.44.55 pm


For the rest of the steps, it might be easier just watching this short tutorial:

Note:  If you want a green-screen photo rather than a video, just take a screenshot!


Kai matsuri.jpg

Isn’t it simple?  Green screen technology allows you to take your babies to many cool locations without the hassle. You can also let your imagination run wild, and transform your baby into superheros, arctic explorers, astronauts, weather forecast announcers, ancient gladiators…the list goes on.

Here is another one of Dorae-Kai:

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 9.28.52 AM.png

 I had so much fun creating these wonderful memories with my baby, and I’m sure one day he will have a good laugh looking at his silly self …thanks to his silly mom!

Top tech tools Moms (or even Dads) should use

And no, this post is not about what apps moms should download for their babies to use on the iPad.  Many of the apps mentioned in this blog are probably already familiar to you.  However, the way I use these apps are specifically for taking care of my baby.  I will share my top 5 apps and elaborate on them.

Evernote App

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 8.53.42 pm.png

I use Evernote for everything.  I cannot survive with it.  Evernote is a simple but powerful note app that I use it to store my favorite recipes, create t0-do lists, take notes on student learning, and to keep track of receipts.  Since Kai was born, I’ve been using Evernote to document our everyday life together.  Whatever I type on Evernote syncs across my devices (Mac Book, Samsung phone, iPad), so this makes it even easier for me to switch between my role as a teacher, and Mom.  At school, when I brainstorm ideas for my lessons on Evernote, these notes will appear on my iPad later when I’m home.  At home, when I’m documenting my day with Kai but interrupted by other tasks, I can continue to add photos later on on my Macbook after he sleeps.  My entires are brief, but it’s my way of recording how I spend time with him, so I can look back at these fond memories later when he is older.


Google Calendar

I use Google Calendar to keep track of Kai’s doctor appointments, important dates, and baby milestones!  If you are not familiar with Google Calendar, you can actually create different calendars within it to for different purposes.  For instance, I have a calendar for Kai, one for work, and one for pregnancy (when I was pregnant).  I also shared Kai’s calendar with my husband so he also knows all the important dates and major milestones for our baby.

Google Calendar1

This video shows how I am using Google Calendar:

Pic Collage

I’m sure many people already use this, but Pic Collage is just a great app for me to create weekly collages for my baby.  I tend to go a little crazy with photos, so Pic Collage allows me to  choose my favorite ones and arrange them artistically on one page.  I then print them out and post them in Kai’s room or share with family and friends.

2016-04-30 21.47.22


I upload most of my baby’s videos on YouTube after they have been saved onto my Computer (in Dropbox).  As a matter of fact, I have a private YouTube playlist for Kai.  The videos on this playlist can only be viewed by people whom I share the links with.  For videos that are over 3 minutes long, it makes it easier to share with others because I can just copy and paste the link, and they do not need to download the videos and use up their storage.

Another thing I like to do on YouTube is to store all my favorite songs on one single playlist.  When Kai is having tummy time, I don’t have to keep searching for different songs one after another, but can play all my selected songs one by one. (I only let Kai listen to the songs on YouTube rather than let him see the screen though)

Here is how you can create your own playlist:

Feed Baby App

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 8.50.39 pm.png

I highly recommend  using this app as soon as your baby is born.  I liked it so much I actually paid for the full version.  On the side, you can see all the features:  Feeds, Diapers, Sleeping, Pumpings, etc.

2016-05-02 12.16.54.png

I initially used this app to keep track of how long I was breastfeeding on each side since the timing is an indication of how much the baby is taking in.  As you can see, there is the L and R icon that stand for left and right breast.  You press the icon when you start breastfeeding and stop it when you are finished. Simple!

2016-04-20 10.46.54


Later on when I began pumping, I needed to record the time that I last pump. In the full version of the app, you can actually set a notification to remind yourself to pump every 3 hours, which is super useful because I often get so busy that I wait too long to pump.

2016-04-20 10.49.37

When I switched Kai to bottles, I use the same app to keep track of his feed intervals as well.

The most important feature on this app for me, is to record the time of my baby’s nap.  I am a teacher so I love structure and routines, so when I first tried to get Kai to sleep in his crib, I was adamant in making sure I record exactly how long each nap is.  It even helps you calculate your baby’s total hours of sleep each day.

2016-04-20 10.49.41

In the evening, I write down Kai’s feed and nap information on paper, which is posted in the kitchen.  I honestly think keeping track of your baby’s nap is very important because it helps you find his sleep pattern.

Here is my chart:
2016-04-20 19.02.05
I know most of my friends are not super tech savvy.  But I really believe, in the long run, learning how to use technology will help you cut through the clutter of everyday life.