My Selfie-Stick Project

The selfie stick is a fantastic tool for anyone who wants a photo of themselves without having to trouble others.  It’s especially important for Moms to use the selfie stick because …


After reading this blog I thought that a selfie stick would best capture what it is like to be a first time a snapshot of the everyday mundane tasks of taking care of a 4 month old. Please note that while the blog from boredpanda has a humorous tone, mine is… just a normal documentation of my life 🙂

Here it is:

12:49am:  Baby K is snoozing in his crib and I’m ready for an unpredictable night (praying he doesn’t wake up a dozen times)

2016-03-17 00.49.55.jpg

3:48am:  Baby K wakes up and I nurse him in the dark.

2016-03-17 03.48.06.jpg

7:29am-  Baby K makes noise at around 7:30am…very thankfully not 6:50am.  I quickly snap a photo before lifting  him up and putting him in my own bed, hoping he’d play while I sleep for a couple more minutes.

2016-03-17 07.19.29.jpg


7:40am-  Diaper change!  Then I pump for his next feed.2016-03-17 07.41.06.jpg


8:20am-  I take Baby K down for a stroll early in the morning to soak up a bit of the morning sun.  I enjoy a drink at the clubhouse while Baby K entertains himself with his bff- Mr. Balloon.

2016-03-17 08.22.41.jpg

2016-03-17 08.36.25.jpg












9ish am- As soon as I get back to the house, I wash all the bottles and pumps while Baby K is in the swing.2016-03-17 09.24.22.jpg


10am-  Baby K takes his first nap which is supposed to be the longest nap of the day.  I get to use my computer… to Google solutions for baby-related issues… from “how to boost milk production,” “green poop,” “sleep association” to the latest being “sleep regression”!  Google is truly my mentor.

2016-03-17 11.02.03.jpg


11am Tummy time

2016-03-17 11.48.54.jpg

Followed by milk

At this point I thought OK I’m tired, so I put Baby K on the swing for a bit before his second nap.

2016-03-17 12.21.57.jpg

3pm- Baby K wakes up from his second nap and I change his diaper.  At this point, I’m annoyed with the selfie stick, and I just want to get rid of it and scrap the project!2016-03-17 14.58.16.jpg


Hmm the half the day is barely over and I have officially given up on using the selfie stick. This is the last photo of the day!2016-03-17 15.12.07.jpg

My Reflections:

At first I thought this selfie-project would be a meaningful way to document my day.  However, it was actually very tedious and when I was trying to multi-task with an impatient baby, I didn’t always have my phone beside me.  It was also the hardest thing having the baby in one hand, and a long extended selfie-stick in the other… Overall, I could say some of these photos weren’t even that authentic because I had to retake some several times!

So in conclusion, a phone camera and a selfie-stick cannot possibly capture all the fun yet challenging moments of a mom with her baby.  Pictures are not always worth a thousand words.  The only way to really experience how hectic it is to take care of baby is to experience it yourself as a parent.