Promoting Reading & Writing with QR Code


QR code or Quick Response code is a great way for younger learners to watch a video, look at a website and listen to an audio without the hassle of typing the URL, opening up browsers, etc.  Teachers can simply link a QR code to any of those media and post the QR codes around the classroom (see picture below). The idea is that during the day, students could simply scan the QR codes with their devices and listen to or watch the work of others (see picture below). Also, you can link QR codes to websites and songs so that students could just scan and get access. It provides an easy and hassle-free way to engage students. There are some resources on the HOW-TO’s of QR codes on my own website:

As for language learners, I thought what could be useful is to record the students while they read out stories on an online audio platform such as

Here is a tutorial video on how you could record using soundcloud:

How to link a QR code to a soundclip from on Vimeo.



After turning the sound clip into a QR code, the teacher can then print and paste the QR code into their notebook and send them home.  This is a great way to share the students’ oral reading progress with parents and for students to listen to their own speech in a very easy manner.

Screen Shot 2014-03-15 at 7.10.24 PM

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 10.15.46 AM Here is what another teacher did with QR code: book talk “I print out the QR code and students attach the code to the book they’re recommending.  When students shop for a book during independent reading, they can scan the QR and hear the book recommendation their peer created using  Book reviews created by students, for students are empowering for my young readers as they are excited to hear what books their peers suggest.  As early childhood educators have long known, students are capable of comprehending and telling much more than what they may be able to express in writing; this is evident as we depart from the traditional book review and provide opportunities for creating these audio book talks.  These audio book reviews create energy for reading and a book “buzz” for what’s hot right now in 1st grade.  In addition, they help readers find “just right” text and foster independence as kids have tools and strategies for locating the perfect read”

If students are not motivated to read in the target language, this could easily be done by other students to promote reading with effective and interest generating tools.

Published by Ms Claudia L. Kimura

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2 thoughts on “Promoting Reading & Writing with QR Code

  1. On the QR code applications, I suddenly think of a fun activity idea for Chinese learners — using Chinese couplets as a creative competition. Print the QR code on the 1st part of a couplet, students would then be able to scan the code and retrieve other students’ creative pieces in audio or text files. They may also create their own piece and submit to the same location. The piece with the most votes will be the winner. Through this game, students will enjoy the fun of playing with Chinese language and learn a bit about the structural beauty of Chinese poems.

    1. Hi Arthur,

      This is a fantastic idea and an interactive way to learn Chinese couplets.
      Do you have a few simple Chinese couplets in mind?
      Just to clarify, would you break the couplets in two different segments and then put them on 2 QR codes?


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