Using Popplet in Reading and Writing


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Students often struggle with writing because instructional time devoted to teaching the process of writing is limited.  What I mean by the process of writing, or the ‘writing process’,  is steps generally defined as brainstorming, planning, drafting, and revising.  These are procedures that should be explicitly taught, and students should be given ample opportunities to practice going from each stage of the writing process to the next.

Popplet is a great brainstorming tool that allows students to create webs that incorporate text, photos or their own drawings.  In the past, I’ve used Popplet in English class to help students  organise ideas prior to writing.  This tool is especially helpful because it enable students to plan and structure their paragraph.  They colour-code their popple (or thought bubble) to show different lines of thinking as seen in the example below.

My student brainstormed ideas on  Chinese Near Holiday using Popplet, and referred to it while writing their paragraph.  I’m sure this brainstorming strategy could easily be applied to a Chinese writing lesson as well.

Chiara’s CNY Journal #8

(Please click on the link to open up the file)

In reading, Popplet could help break down a story into different elements (as seen in the example above) to make the content easier to comprehend.

Popplet is always available on the iPad!




3 thoughts on “Using Popplet in Reading and Writing

  1. thank you so much for sharing! i do love this cute and helpful software.
    i’ve tried it out by creating a new popplet, and i found it’s quite easy to make a network for divergent thinking and relative knowledge attainment.
    in language teaching, as you mentioned the writing, or even speaking. we could try to implement this popplet to stimulate students’s minds.

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